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If you’re still undecided on whether or not you should send your child to one of our after school clubs, read the blog I’ve attached and then ask yourself if this situation applies to you.

I know from my own experience as a ‘fully functioning’ adult that a day at work can sometimes take its toll, if this happens the best thing I can do to punctuate that is to hit the road or rowing machine.

Let our team at Sports Active be the difference between a difficult first hour reacquainting  yourself with parenthood and allow the social experience of after school sport to resolve the frustrations of your child’s day.

“Offer your child a physical activity directly after school, sports, yoga or walking are great releases that help to balance the mind and body.” Homework can also wait and will probably be done better as a result of a brain break.”

Whatever you do though, please don’t tell your child’s school I endorsed putting homework on the back burner! 😉



We’re looking for confident, enthusiastic Level 1 and Level 2 coaches to support us in all aspects of what we deliver in schools across Staffordshire, Walsall and Birmingham.

All applicants should have a current enhanced DBS along with Safeguarding and Emergency First Aid certificates. Personal transport would also be essential as any successful applicant would be expected to travel between multiple venues and school settings.

Previous experience of working within schools would be preferable but not essential as successful candidates will receive training and support from our team of established coaches. What we would deem as essential is an eager and willing attitude towards adapting to new challenges in a rapidly growing business.



Roles and responsibilities

Delivery of:

  • Before and After School Clubs
  • Lunch Clubs
  • PPA cover – P.E lessons
  • Holiday Club Provision

Additional Skills

Any of the following would be of use to us as a business and therefore strengthen your bid to become part of our team:

  • IT skills – Such as Web Site management and a familiarity with Social Media
  • Sales Experience
  • Management

For more information or to express an interest in one of our positions please contact us

This weekend sees the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for our Saturday Tots Active programme. Whilst we are still committed to offering the same great service, and the fun packed forty-minute sessions we have always delivered, we are now stepping away from the session being solely structured around an individual sport such as football.

Over the course of the last year we have been observing our sessions with one question in mind, ‘How could we make this better?’ and we feel that we have come up with the answer.

We feel we can make it better by introducing and exposing the children to as many great sports as possible, throughout the weeks a course is set to run. This gives your tots a chance to experience activities they may otherwise not come into contact with until much later in their school life.

We want all our children that attend to have a broad and varied ‘diet of sport’, whether this is represented through athletic pursuits of throwing, jumping and running or more skill based elements of team games, like throwing and catching in the sport of rugby for example. We will of course be returning to the much loved football sessions, on occasion and all of the games we have grown to love, but we are removing the limitations of one activity and providing the opportunity for our youngest participants to see there is a whole world of sport out there just waiting to be encountered!

Who knows this might be the first step in unearthing the next Jessica Ennis-Hill, Johnny Peacock or Usain Bolt for our young athletes out there. It could be the start point in the making of the next Harry Kane or Lizzy Yarnold.

The point is this, whatever the sport or activity, the aim is simple…

Move more. Sit Less. Play Together.

The message given to us from the UK Chief Medical Officers’ Guidelines is as follows:

Active play opportunities should encourage young children to:

  • use their large muscle groups which will aid in maintaining health and weight
  • practise a wide range of different movements which will ultimate aid the child to kick, catch, throw and strike, whilst improving , locomotor control, balance and stability
  • experience a variety of play spaces and equipment will naturally improve object-control skills (enabled by our new philosophy of more sports, more often)

Besides all the physical benefits of participation in the Tots Active Programme we are sure you’ll find a host of psychological advantages, our courses will help the social development of all that attend, the children will be making new friends and as a parent you will be alongside like minded Mums and Dads, Grandparents and carers who want the best for their children too.

To summarise, active children are healthy, happy, school ready children. And here’s the best bit… they sleep better! A fact I’m sure will not go unappreciated with all of my fellow, long suffering parent kin! They are totally worth it though!

So please come and join us soon to see the beginning of a movement we hope will encourage your little one’s first steps towards a life in sport!

James – Director of Sports Active & Tots Active

For more information on what we should be providing for our little ones please read Start Active. Stay Active and in particular chapter three – Early Years.

Welcome to the new Sports Active website! Take a look around our site for our wide range of services for both Schools and individuals. We also provide a wide range of sporting events for kids all ages.

Covering PPA in schools since 2007 we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality Physical Education cover for all of our partner schools. Our specialist coaches have the answers to your sporting needs. Through the introduction of Tots Active early in 2017 we are now spreading the message to an even bigger audience and starting to embed our message from a much earlier stage.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. contact us

Excellent morning at Tots Active! My little boy loved it and the football coaches were brilliant with him. Thank you! We will be back next week

I am so impressed with the sports provision provided by Sports Active for my Nursery Children.

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