About Us

Formed in 2007 by Lee and James, then friends, now Brothers-in-Law, Sports Active is in its 10th year. From the humble beginnings, working from a spare room on a borrowed computer – we put together a company we feel very proud of. Initially just the two of us, we now employ a team who share our vision and this has been key to our success at each stage.
From the beginning we set up with the primary focus of providing planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) time to teachers in primary schools, since this we have grown to offer so much more! Holiday clubs, after school club, Reading Champions, birthday parties and most recently the Tots Active programme, which is aimed towards pre-school and early years settings to take advantage of the same specialist care we offer throughout the rest of primary school life.

We have opted to go for a customer centric approach in which we look after all of our interest groups equally, this approach has seen us grow across Staffordshire the West Midlands and now into Birmingham.

We have an unofficial motto at Sports Active, which is ‘Never promise anything we can not fulfil’ as we feel there is nothing worse than a disappointed customer. This is not to say we are not ambitious but more that we are realists. Testament to this is our involvement with the very schools we started with 10 years ago. The likes of Gorsemoor Primary and Whittington Primary who over the years have benefited from not having to miss a single PPA session through our aim to never let anyone down.

We are an open and honest coaching company, flexible in our approach within school as we understand the complexity of managing such an organisation. We hold ourselves to the highest standards (so you don’t have to) with all facets of our company. Be it interactions with staff, parents and especially the children we take care of.

Parents can feel comfortable that their children are in safe hands, be this during the school day or directly before or after it. Holiday clubs with the emphasis on fun but not at the cost of safety or Baby Ballers which is bridging the gap and allowing parents to see us at work and actively participate with their little one as they embark on a sporting life.

Head Teacher Testimonials

Sports Active have played a prominent role in the delivery of our P.E sessions across the school from Reception to Year 6 for five years now. The children receive high quality lessons from experienced and well-trained coaches in all areas of the PE curriculum. As well as supporting children in PE, Sports Active also deliver a number of lunch time and after school clubs allowing children to access a wide range of sports as well as helping them to prepare for competitions. We are extremely happy with the work James and his team do within the school and the relationships they have built up with the children.
– Mr C. Griffiths – Cheslyn Hay Primary School

The coaches from Sports Active have been working with Gorsemoor for more than ten years. They provide high quality Physical Education lessons which enables our staff to have shared PPA time.
They conduct themselves in a very professional manner and are always meticulous in their dress, professional conduct and well-being of the pupils and in their delivery of outdoor games lessons.
They provide our pupils with stimulating activities and are always very mindful of all aspects of health and safety.
In addition to this they also provide coaching to our Football team, developing their talent and making them ready for competitive games. They hire our school premises in the holidays and have organised and run many successful sessions.
I have no hesitation in recommending them as a sports service that you can trust.
– Barbara Heath Acting Headteacher – Gorsemoor Primary School


I cannot recommend Sports Active highly enough. What you see is what you get: professional, expert sports coaching. Our children now love their PE lessons and our sports provision is a thing to celebrate! Children are motivated and engaged with sport.

Lee’s behaviour management is excellent. He has high expectations of children and they rise to them. Children are respectful and engaged in his lessons which are differentiated to enable all children to make progress. Lee’s knowledge of coaching means that lessons are well-planned to meet the needs of all learners.

His impact is felt way beyond the classroom as he runs extra-curricular clubs. He is willing to give up his own time to help our children succeed. He brought National Sports Week to St John’s for the first time, organising three hugely successful sports days in the process. We are so pleased with the impact of his work, that we are increasing our provision next year to reach more children, and to give structure to lunchtimes.

Lee has brought sportsmanship to St John’s School. Highly competitive children have learned to work together for the team. Their relationships and behaviour has improved markedly as a result. Lee is an excellent role model, particularly to those that excel in sport but may have been otherwise disaffected.

Sports Active: professional, authentic, effective. Thank you.

– Carolyn Seymour, St John’s CE School