Jan, 11th

Have you heard of After School Restraint Collapse? It may make an important difference to your child’s day …


If you’re still undecided on whether or not you should send your child to one of our after school clubs, read the blog I’ve attached and then ask yourself if this situation applies to you.

I know from my own experience as a ‘fully functioning’ adult that a day at work can sometimes take its toll, if this happens the best thing I can do to punctuate that is to hit the road or rowing machine.

Let our team at Sports Active be the difference between a difficult first hour reacquainting  yourself with parenthood and allow the social experience of after school sport to resolve the frustrations of your child’s day.

“Offer your child a physical activity directly after school, sports, yoga or walking are great releases that help to balance the mind and body.” Homework can also wait and will probably be done better as a result of a brain break.”

Whatever you do though, please don’t tell your child’s school I endorsed putting homework on the back burner! 😉